Rockaoke on the Beach

We’re taking a little break.

We were overwhelmed with community support at Rockaoke 2015 and again thank the small businesses, patrons and volunteers for all your support. Unfortunately this year’s event will be postponed¬† as our team at Lakeside prepares its events for 2017.

Thanks for your understanding and see you next year! ūüôā

Craft Beer and Live Band Karaoke Festival

Event Details

Family Friendly Event

$10 entry fee

Starts:   3:30pm

Ends:   11:00pm

Local Food

Local Beer

Local Music

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What is Rockaoke?

(pronounced: r…ík-ńď-ňąŇć-kńď)


A one-of-a-kind event, Rockaoke is your ticket to stardom! Rockaoke is an event that combines the fun easy going nature¬†of karaoke with the excitement and prestige¬†of being the lead singer of a real life rock band. ¬†This is your chance to get on stage with a professionally trained band and debut your vocals¬†for the world to hear. Whether you’re a serious musician or just a local average Joe looking for a good time, Rockaoke is your place to shine. You will be equipped with a microphone and allowed to sing one song of your choice on center stage in beautiful Erieau.

But maybe you’re saying to yourself “I’m not that¬†comfortable with my¬†singing abilities” or “I am way too shy to get up on a stage in front of my friends and family to sing.” Well here is where we have you covered. Not only is Rockaoke a live karaoke event, it is also a craft beer festival with a variety of¬†beers coming in from numerous¬†locations in¬†Southern Ontario.

These local vendors want to provide you with the ability to taste something different than your typical mass produced lager or stout. As long as the kegs last, these vendors will be at your disposal for the whole night. And lastly, to compliment your beer, we will be having several local food vendors set up tents to provide you with the best food to compliment beer and karaoke. So what are you waiting for, get your tickets now!

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Rockaoke On The Beach


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